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Xongdur's Sprouted Rice Powder is the all-day beverage and even suitable for diabetic and tube-fed patients.
- Natural taste - mild flavour
- Fine powder and can be digested & absorbed easily
- Contains high amount of GABA (2,400UG per sachet)

Organic Sprouted Rice Powder

SKU: TX1090
  • Gluten & Lactose Free; Enrich of GABA


            15G X 6 Sachet

    Country of Origin



            Organic sprouted brown, red and black rice

    Serving Method

    a. Add in your favorite beverage, like milk or soy milk.
    b. Mix with wheat flour for making cake or cookies.
    c. Add 150ml of hot water and stir well. Add soy sauce and pepper becomes soup.
    d. Add 250ml of hot water and stir. Sweeten with sugar/ agave syrup.

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